What are the hours of the ranges?

Indoor: 8 am- 8 pm – 7 days a week
Outdoor: 8 am- 8 pm (Spring/Summer)
Fall / Winter Outdoor Range Hours 8 am – Dark (approx 5pm)

What are your Range Fees?

Indoor $20 / hour / person
Outdoor $5 / hour / person

What targets are allowed on the ranges?

No Spinners, No Glass, No Plastic, No Steel, No Metal, No Gongs, No Rubber, No Balls.
We have a clothesline & clothes pins for you to hang your targets.
All Targets are placed at a fixed location – You back up the distance you want to shoot.
Anyone on the range MUST be at the same distance & MUST communicate for added safety.

Is Tannerite allowed?

Yes, we do allow Tannerite – however – it is to be in its original container & no more than 5 lbs at 1 time.

Do I need to make an appointment to use the range?

We are a first-come, first-serve – however, if you have a large group – please let us know so we are aware & can work with the crowd ahead of you.

How many people can shoot at one time?

Indoor range, we have 4 bays with 3 shooting stalls per bay.
Outdoor range, we have it divided into 3 shooting bays – to handle 3 groups at 1 time – NOTE: All groups on the outdoor range need to be at the same distance & must communicate for added safety.