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Family owned & operated for over 50 years.

From a young age, Daryl tinkered with motors & guns, as his passion grew, he worked on more & more guns. After he married, Daryl & Marilynn built their first home with a small shop in the basement. In 1972, They built the first store with a small shooting range in the basement,a trap range in the back yard, a pistol/rifle range outside.& a large section of the building for the gun machine shop. 4 years later, they grew to build on, a larger shop with a full indoor shooting range in the basement.

Our Products

CZ 720 Youth #806703060392

ITEM # 1681S CATEGORY Shotguns ITEM CZ 720 Youth #806703060392 MFG CZ DESCRIPTION 20 Ga. 24″ Brl, YOUTH, box, chokes-F,M,IC Used PRICE $375.00


ITEM # 1680P CATEGORY Pistol ITEM ATI/GSG Firefly GERG2210FFG MFG ATI/GSG DESCRIPTION 22 LR, 4.9″ brl, 1-10 Rd mag, OD Green New PRICE $300.00


ITEM # 1679P CATEGORY Pistol ITEM ATI/GSG Firefly GERG2210FFM MFG ATI/GSG DESCRIPTION 22 LR, 4.9″ brl, 1-10 Rd mag, Mint Green New PRICE $300.00

Walther P22

ITEM # 1678P CATEGORY Pistol ITEM Walther P22 MFG Walther DESCRIPTION 22 LR, 3.42″ Brl, 2-10Rd mags New PRICE $400.00

Bond Arms BARII 

ITEM # 1474P CATEGORY Pistols ITEM Bond Arms BARII MFG Bond Arms DESCRIPTION 45/410 4.25″Stainless  Brl, leather holster NEW PRICE $761.00

Taurus Pt738

ITEM # 1677P CATEGORY Pistol ITEM Taurus Pt738 MFG Taurus DESCRIPTION 380 , 2-6Rd mags, no box Consignment PRICE $200.00

RIA/Armscorp VR 80 ARMVR80

ITEM # 1676S CATEGORY Shotgun ITEM RIA/Armscorp VR 80 ARMVR80 MFG RIA /Armscor DESCRIPTION 12 Ga, 20″ Brl, 2-5Rd mags new PRICE $700.00

Bond Arms Roughneck #Barn-9mm

ITEM # 1675P CATEGORY Pistol ITEM Bond Arms Roughneck #Barn-9mm MFG Bond Arms DESCRIPTION 9 mm, 2.5″ Brl, 2-shot derringer, New PRICE $269.00

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